Wednesday, 30 November 2011

New Home Screen Design

After testing I started to design a new home screen. This will be the base design for the rest of the App. I took a look at some different issues:

  • Using more color and images
  • The navigation of the App
  • Usability 

I decided to change the top screen as it was badly designed and looked out of place. I made the center circle with the buttons in it smaller. I re-positioned the buttons with in the circle as they were slightly off. I also took out all the text and created images to overlay on the buttons. This makes the design look much cleaner and more pleasing on the eye. I also changed the color of the back drop from plain grey to a gradient.
While looking at the navigation of the App, I decided to add a bottom back that would let the user navigate around the app no matter what page they were on. I also added a home selection which means that I was able to do away with the back button. I think the new navigation has greatly improved the design and usability of the app.

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