Thursday, 10 November 2011


I've started to put together a few concept designs. I am trying different techniques to see how the user will interact with them. Here is the opening screen:

While the app is opening the light bulb will glow yellow.

This is one of the first concepts for the home screen. I don't think I'll use this style as it is plain and boring:

I want to try and create something that is different than an options menu. I have been experimenting with a circular design:

This is the very basic concept of the design, the screen at the top will have all the live updates as the user interacts with the design. Down below is the wheel. This is the main area that the user will interact with. The size of the wheel will stay the same and the center of the wheel will be a button on some screens and another live update on others. The six buttons around the wheel will also change from screen to screen. As they are, each one of them is an option. They will change to sliders and other objects depending on the screen. 

The main difficulty of this design is trying to design each window of the app in a circular way. 

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