Sunday, 13 November 2011

App Screen before they get processed in After Effects.

These are the different windows that are going to make up my app. The have been mainly designed in Photoshop with a little work done to them in Illustrator.

Opening Screen. The light bulb will animate yellow while the app is loading:

The opening window will load into this window. This window will have four options. These options are lighting, standby, heating and meter.


The lighting screen will have the same UI as the home screen. Here the user will select the room that they want to control the lighting in.

When the user selects the room it will load into this screen.

The user just has to rub their finger up and down the wheel to turn the lighting up or down/ on or off.


This is the screen when the user selects the standby option from the home screen.

The user just has to press to button to active standby mode in the house.


This is the screen the user will be presented with when they select the heating option.

Here the user will have three options. One to allow them to turn up the heating the room that they are sitting in. If the user selects this option they will presented with the same screen again. This time they will select a room. When thy select a room they will be presented with this screen.

The user can turn up and down the temperature in each room by spinning the wheel.

The next option in the heating table is the choice to globally turn it on or off.

The user just has to push the button to turn the heating on or off.

The next option is to put the heating on timer.

The user will select the box and spin the wheel to set the time.


This is the screen the user will get when they select the meter tab.

There will be two options, one to see their reading and the other to see the unit charges. Here are the two windows.

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