Saturday, 3 December 2011

Finalized new design

This is the new design that I will present. I have showed the design to many people and have had to change it around a few times to make sure that the user understands what each button does. I had big problems with the meter button. Design after design, people that I showed could not make out what the button was for. Eventually I decided to use the ESB logo to represent the meter button. When testing the logo on people afterwards everyone got the idea of the logo.
Here are the new designs:

  • Home Screen

  • Heating - Home Screen

  • Heating - Clock

  • Heating - Temperature Screen

  • Heating - On / Off

Lighting - Select a room
  • Lighting - Control

  • Standby Mode - On / Off

  • Electricity Meter - Reading

  • Gas Meter - Reading

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