Saturday, 15 October 2011

Plans and wire frame for the App

Wire Frame of the Application

What the app does
·      Control the power in each room
·      Control the lights
·      Control the heating
·      Standby switch
·      Meter

How will it control the power in each room?

I’ve been looking into a number of different ways of the app knowing which room of the house that it is controlling at any one time. These are some of the following possible solutions:
·      Each room has a number (The user numbers each room in the house. I don’t think I’ll go for this option as I can see it becoming over complicated.)
·      Each room is named (The user enters the name of each room eg sitting room, kitchen, John’s bedroom etc.)
·      Use the built in GPS on the Apple device. This way the device will know which room it is in at anyone time. (As a house is very small in terms of pinning down location, I don’t know how well this technique will work.)

How to control the power and lighting in each room

·      Once the device knows which room it is in it will show a switch for the lights, the user will be able to turn the lights up and down and on and off.
·      The user will also be able to control the temperature of the heating in that room. There will be a slider that lets them turn the temperature up or down.
·      The user will be able to power every socket on or off at one time.

How to control the heating

·      The user will be able to control the overall temperature of the heating using the app.
·      They will be able to control the temperature in each room by selecting the room and then the temperature.
·      There will be a time control system on the app that will allow them to set when their heating comes on and off.
·      They will be able to access their heating when they are not in the house and be able to switch it on and off.

The Standby Switch

·      Once the app is set up it will know which switches must always be left on and will be able to switch on and off the rest of them. This means that when the user is leaving the building or going to bed that they can make sure that is nothing left on that shouldn’t be.


·      The meter will show in real time how many units of electricity have been used.
·      It will also break these units down into month-by-month usage.
·      It will display the cost of each unit.

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