Sunday, 25 September 2011

Smart Homes

I have been looking into smart homes and how they work. Smart homes are not only designed with sustainable energy in mind. They are also designed to help the owners reduce their electrical waste. They use very modern technology combined with sustainable energy methods to bring down their carbon footprint and ultimately the cost of running the house.

Leaving appliances on standby is a big problem in most houses. It is said that leaving these appliances on standby can equate to 25% of a home owners electricity bill. Leaving appliances on standby is not only a waste of money but it is also a waste of electricity.

My idea is to create a smart phone app that will talk to the new PLC boards that are being installed in smart homes.
The app will have the capabilities to power different sockets on or off on the PLC board. So the idea is that when you install this app you have to calibrate your board. To do this the user must power off everything in the house that they don't use during the day when at work or at night when sleeping. Then they must sync these settings from the PLC board to the app on their smart phone. Now these power sources will be programmed to always stay on while the rest of the power sources can now be turned on and off. These power sources will be bundled together and the user will be able to switch them on or off with a simple switch. Now when the user is going to bed or going to work they can simply flick a button on the smart phone and it will ensure that there is no extra power being used in the house.

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